Music Technology

Who We Are

The Bachelor of Science in Music Technology combines music engineering and production, music theory and performance, mathematics and computer science, music business, and electronics. Students learn how to operate a recording studio, use recording and mixing consoles and digital audio workstations, sound reinforce and record live concerts, build and solder electronic circuits, and professionally mix and record music. Students and graduates put those skills to use in internship and work opportunities at local studios, live sound venues and production companies, and audio equipment manufacturers.

What You’ll Learn

The core music technology courses will cover use of microphones, mixing consoles and signal processors, digital audio and MIDI, Pro Tools, digital and analog tape recording, live sound reinforcement and on-location recordings, Dolby Atmos and ambisonic immersive audio recordings and mixing, audio postproduction for film and video, electronic music composition, audio electronics, acoustics, and synchronization.

Auditions for Prospective Music Majors

All prospective music majors are required to audition. Please visit our Auditions page for upcoming auditions and more information.



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