Student Employment

Student Employment Program logo that shows a bulldog and briefcase with the words "Student Employment" at the top of the image and "UNC Asheville" at the bottom of the image.Important Updates for FY24 and FY25

Below you will find critical information regarding hiring student employees during the remainder of Fiscal Year 2024 as well as looking ahead to plan appropriately for FY25. 

1) Hiring Student Employees during Spring 2024:

  • For any students already hired (which means their Student Employment Agreement has been processed completely through Payroll) for Spring 2024, no action is needed.
  • For any students not already hired, supervisors must receive expressed written approval from their respective VC and fund manager prior to submitting any hiring form that begins the hire process. Student Employment will require documented approval before supporting new requests. 
  • We’re still in a transition period between the outgoing and incoming student employment hiring processes. Please feel free to reach out once you have VC and fund manager approval if you need any guidance on next steps.
2) Please consider the following questions prior to requesting approval from your fund manager:
  • Is this position critical to the department’s student-facing initiatives? 
  • If planning to hire multiple students for a position, could that number of students being hired be decreased? 
  • What is the anticipated total expenditure for this position? This encompasses hourly wage, scheduled hours per week, and the number of students being hired.
  • Based on what the student employee will be doing, could the start and end dates of their position be shortened?
3) Planning Ahead for Hiring Student Employees for Fiscal Year 2025:
  • FY25 Student Employment Hiring is under review for reduction and realignment. All supervisors of student employees will be required to work directly with their supervisor and divisional fund manager to determine the scope of student employment hiring for FY25. All student employment hiring for FY25 will require final approval by the respective VC.
  • To be proactive and gather as much information as possible about student employment needs campus-wide, I will be meeting with supervisors and departments throughout the next several weeks.
  • If you supervise or support student employment in your area, schedule a time to meet with Cate Marshall in February or March through this link. If you don’t see a time that works, please respond to this email and I’ll get you on the calendar. I am happy to meet 1on1 or with a team/department.