Student Employment

The Student Employment program is a collaboration between the Career Center, Human Resources, Financial Aid, and Payroll to provide both the processes for working on-campus as well as developmental opportunities to help students understand the impact of working on-campus, especially related to building skills and developing a sense of belonging on campus.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email – we’re here to help!

FAQ: How do students review on-campus job postings?
We’re currently overhauling the entire student employment experience, which includes a whole new hiring process. As soon as that is launched (our goal is mid-July), this page will be updated and students (incoming and returning) will be able to explore all of our employment opportunities. 
FAQ: Should students be worried they can’t see job postings until later in the summer?
No, please don’t worry about this! All students will gain access to the postings at the same time and some positions won’t even be posted until August. Additionally, supervisors typically don’t start looking at applications until school is back in session and students are on-campus for interviews.
FAQ: What’s the most important thing to know right now about working on campus? 
If you are considering applying to work on-campus, please make sure you take a look at the required hiring documents – especially the I-9 and the Direct Deposit Enrollment Form, which require additional, physical items. 
IMPORTANT REMINDER: Students cannot begin working on-campus until all of their required paperwork has been submitted and processed with HR and Payroll. Completion and approval of employment paperwork before a student begins on-campus work is a requirement of law and University policy. Beginning to work without approved employment status may result in no longer being able to hold an on-campus student employee position. Permitting a student to work without approved employment status may result in no longer being able to supervise student employees.