Ignite Curriculum Explanation

Student Learning Outcomes: 

IGNITE participants will:

  • Increase self-awareness through the exploration of values, beliefs, and identity 
  • Develop greater understanding and appreciation of others through topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Strengthen interpersonal skills and develop the confidence to interact with new people, especially those who are different than themselves
  • Understand one’s role and responsibilities within the larger community to become a change agent in the future
  • Learn about UNC Asheville’s academic resources and campus traditions


From QEP Focus Groups:

  • Develop self-efficacy (the set of beliefs we hold about our ability to complete a particular task)
  • Develop sense of purpose
  • Develop Sense of purpose
  • Develop executive-functioning skills (skills that allow people to set and achieve goals, including prioritizing, planning, organizing, initiating, self-monitoring, and adapting)
  • Develop specific academic skills, how to use campus resources
  • Develop resiliency, passion for perseverance, reframe failure
  • Build Community (with each other & connections to campus)
  • Develop Social Skills
  • Work/Life Balance, Holistic approach to self-care
  • Mental Health Efforts/Resources
  • Develop ways to think about & engage with new ideas/diverse experiences
  • Social integration


Aug. 12 Session 0: Finding your Spark (August EmBark)

  • UNCA Values and Resources
  • Hopes and Fears Activity


Aug. 22-25 Session 1: Values Exploration

  • Start with “why?”
  • Connection with their Liberal Arts education


Aug. 29-Sept. 1 Session 2: Identity Development

  • Who am I? (positionality)


Sept. 12-15 Session 3: Building Authentic Relationships

  • Interpersonal Skill Development
  • Conflict Management
  • Self-Confidence
  • Developing relationships with faculty & staff


Sept. 26-29 Session 4: Communication

  • Intercultural communication
  • Dialogue skills


Oct. 10-13 Session 5: Perspective-Taking

  • Practicing empathy and humility
  • Growth mindset
  • Failure as Learning


Oct. 24-27 Session 6: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Power, privilege, and oppression


Nov. 7-10 Session 7: Leaving a Legacy at UNCA / Becoming a Change Agent

  • Becoming a change agent
  • Action planning

Nov. 16 OR 17 IGNITE Showcase / Gathering (TBD)