Languages and Cultures in Action Day

Languages and Cultures in Action Day is an annual event featuring music and foods from many cultures and multilingual performances by students, faculty and staff.

“Languages and Cultures in Action is a collective cultural celebration whose vision is to bring students, faculty, staff, and the campus community to celebrate our true diversity,” said Assistant Professor of Africana and Lusophone Studies Jeremias Zunguze, founder of Languages and Cultures in Action.

Past Languages and Cultures in Action Day events have including songs, poems, food, recitations and performances in Cherokee, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Latin, Lingala, Portuguese, and Spanish, UNC Asheville students will showcase their engagement with languages and cultures from various parts of the world.Tastes of student-prepared Brazilian, German, French and Spanish food and drink have been part of the festivities, as well as virtual city tours and presentations about student service-learning and internships employing multilingual skills.