International Studies

Think Globally

UNC Asheville’s International Studies Program provides students with a deeper knowledge of and appreciation for the diverse cultures, economies and politics of the world. International studies attracts students seeking careers in a number of fields, such as government, business, environmental studies, law, journalism and teaching. It provides an excellent background for those interested in working for government agencies, non-governmental organizations such as the United Nations, and private voluntary and humanitarian organizations.

What You’ll Learn

International studies at UNC Asheville emphasizes global awareness and global citizenship as essential aspects of a liberal arts education. Students select from many courses and disciplines and engage in undergraduate research and scholarship, as well as in service learning both locally and internationally.

This interdisciplinary approach is designed to provide students with a broad range of ideas and intellectual skills to analyze and respond to the diverse and complex mix of cultural, economic, and political forces that shape the global community. The International Studies Program provides students with an interdisciplinary understanding of changing dynamics and forces that transcend national and regional boundaries.


Students can seek a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in International Studies. Requirements include introductory courses such as Intro to Africana Studies or Principles of International Relations, and related coursework chosen from classes such as Intermediate Chinese I, International Law, Environmental Ethics, and Gender and Development in South Asia.


The minor in International Studies allows students to pursue a self-designed interdisciplinary and comparative study of world affairs. Requirements include courses in a modern foreign language, introductory courses in cultural anthropology, economic globalization, world civilizations and principles of international relations.