Every Management student has the opportunity to participate in a project-based internship experience. If they choose to get academic credit for the experience, the fieldwork is done as a senior (or rising senior) in the Mgmt 489 course. Students do their internship fieldwork with regional employers of choice, along with nationally known corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. These beyond-the-classroom learning experiences involve the intentional development, design, and implementation of a product, service, or innovation that both leverages student expertise and participating demand by host organizations. In recent years, sample internship sites include Volvo Construction, McKesson Corporation, Mission Health, Buncombe County School System, Social Construct Films, AVL Technologies, Highland Brewery, the Cliffs, the Orange Peel, Northwestern Mutual, Moog Music, ERC Broadband, among many others.

During your internship, you must solve a problem the organization has and produce a tangible product (a deliverable) that involves your project management skills to creatively plan, execute and deliver. This product must be created entirely by you, be delivered to the host at your internship site, and be included in your portfolio of items that will be graded in the Mgmt 489 course.

In order to determine the product for your internship, have a discussion with the people who will supervise you at your internship site– they are the ones who are most familiar with that organizations’s problems/challenges/opportunities and the product(s) you can produce to address these.