Resources for Parents & Families

Your student’s future is important to us. The UNC Asheville Career Center is here to help your student succeed and make the most of his/her college experience. The Career Center provides comprehensive career development services to assist your student all four years of college and after graduation. Here are some tips on how to assist your student on his/her journey while here at UNC Asheville.

Support and Listen.

Your student will be learning so much about him/herself during his/her time at UNC Asheville. Make sure you listen and support your student as they make decisions about their major and career exploration, as well as the experiences that help shape future career decisions.

The Career Center is here to assist your student all four years.  We encourage students to come to our office early so we can assist them during the whole process.  The Career Center also services alumni as well, to encourage lifelong career development choices.

Help Your Student Explore and Network.

80% of jobs are never advertised.  These jobs are most likely obtained through networking, and you can play a vital role in assisting in creating a network base for your student.  Neighbors, friends, and co-workers are all part of an extensive network that can provide informational interview possibilities and allow your student to explore different career fields.  Exploration is a vital part of the career decision-making process.

Recognize Transferable Skills.

As a public liberal arts university, UNC Asheville provides valuable transferable skill development for your student.  From critical thinking skills to communicating with others and working effectively as a team, UNC Asheville provides an education that will allow your student to contribute to a broad area of careers.  The top five skills valued by employers (according to NACE Job Outlook) are: communication skills, strong work ethic, initiative, interpersonal and problem solving skills.

Be There.

Whether or not your student is sure of his/her direction, the UNC Asheville Career Center serves as a valuable resource.  We want to be your partner as we work together to empower your student for a lifetime of effective career decisions.