Student Employment Grant

Proposal Process

In Spring 2022, the Student Employment Grant process combined the previously separate Student Employment Fund and Federal Work Study processes. The goals for doing this were a) a more streamlined proposal process, b) less work on the supervisor/submitter’s side, and c) the ability to offer more on-campus opportunities to more students (and more opportunities within departments).

Each spring (typically February/March), a call goes out to all staff and faculty to submit proposals for Student Employment Grants, which are used to fund student employee positions across campus. The proposals are thoroughly reviewed and departments are notified of their award (typically May 1 or before).

Hiring Process

The hiring process follows the same steps outlined on the ‘Details of Hiring Process’ page with two differences related to the job posting and completing a required Google Form.

If you are rehiring a student employee, you will simply complete a new Student Employment Agreement (SEA) and submit the Google Form for that student/position. 

If you are not rehiring a student employee, you will follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Post job description on Bulldog NetWORK by July 1. Please remember to include the line “This position is open to non-Federal Work Study and Federal Work Study eligible students” at the start of the job description.
  2. Review and interview candidates (for most this will happen in August).
  3. Offer position and student accepts (for most this will happen in August).
  4. Complete the required Google Form for each student being hired who will be funded out of the department SEG award.
  5. You will complete the Student Employment Agreement (SEA) and ensure the student completes their hiring requirements (HR paperwork).

Additional Information

  • Do I have to wait until July 1 to post my position? No! You can post positions at any time. However, a position being funded by an SEG award cannot begin until the new fiscal year (July 1).
  • What if I’m rehiring a student employee? That’s great! You are not required to post the position to Bulldog NetWORK. All you need to do is fill out the Google Form and a new Student Employment Agreement.
  • Why do positions have to be posted by July 1? We have students asking as early as May about what student employment positions are available for the following fall and where they can find the postings. Additionally, orientation for new students takes place throughout June. By July 1, all new students will have Bulldog NetWORK accounts and be able to look at posted on-campus opportunities. We will be encouraging all new and returning students to start checking Bulldog NetWORK on July 1 – so we want to make sure positions are posted. We also want to ensure your opportunity is seen by as many students as possible, which can increase the number of applications received per position. 
  • Why do I have to complete the Google Form? This is how we a) determine whether a student has FWS or not, b) what fund number you will use on the Student Employment Agreement, c) usage of a department’s SEG award and when it has been depleted, d) identify additional funding opportunities, and e) create a helpful resource of specific on-campus opportunities for FWS students.
  • Why do you need to tell me what fund number to use on the SEA? The 2-fund you’ll use and include on the Student Employment Agreement is determined based on the individual student being hired for a position. If the student has FWS, their pay will come out of the FWS 2-fund overseen by Financial Aid. If the student doesn’t have FWS, their pay will come out of your department 2-fund, which is where SEG awards are transferred to.
  • Would I benefit from hiring a FWS student over a non-FWS student? No. Technically, SEG awards are utilizing two different funding sources (FWS and SEF) – but that’s only really seen behind the scenes/doesn’t impact you. Whether you hire a student with Federal Work Study (FWS) or a non-FWS student, that student’s anticipated pay will be subtracted from the total SEG grant amount. Additionally, all students being paid using SEG awards are required to be paid the same rate of $12/hour, regardless of their FWS status. 
  • When will I receive the SEG award? Fund transfers from the SEF fund to individual department funds typically take place in early fall.