Web Resource Management


This document explains the University policy concerning the responsible management of the UNC Asheville Web pages that have broad impact to both internal and external audiences.


By the technical nature of the World Wide Web (Web), issues of distributive and shared maintenance of these tools have broad institutional impact both internally and externally for the University. Official Web pages and applications address campus-wide data management needs at the division, department and unit level. This policy provides the structure necessary to assist the university community in the design, review, implementation and support of the Official Web Presence at UNC Asheville.


Each division or departmental unit will assume responsibility for its Web content. Departmental units will designate a Web Custodian for the Web content owned by that department.

The Division of Alumni and Development will assume responsibility for communicating through the publication of standards and guidelines the technical standards to which divisions and departments should adhere.

Web Committee made up of representatives from Public Information, Library Web Services and Information Technology Services form the core of the committee with rotation of other University areas in and out as relevant to current concerns and direction objectives. The Web Committee assists in setting direction for Web design, addresses concerns where standards of UNC Asheville’s official Web presence may be out of compliance, addresses concerns and suggestions by the UNC Asheville community. Included in upholding standards will be review and possible removal of the following:

      1. Outdated Web content
      2. Web content that discloses information that poses a risk to the University
      3. Web content in violation of University policies or state and federal statutes

The Web Committee will inform Web Custodians and Departmental units of necessary regulations that must be followed to insure institutional security and comply with governmental regulations.


Official UNC Asheville Web Pages are any Web pages that represent a department, program or office that provides information in the course of regular university business and is linked directly or indirectly (at any level) from the UNC Asheville home page. Official UNC Asheville Web Pages include those pages whose content focuses on conferences, lectures or other special events that are officially sponsored by UNC Asheville or by UNC Asheville departments, programs or units.

Unofficial UNC Asheville Web Pages and personal Web pages may be published by faculty, students, staff, and student clubs and organizations. Unofficial Web Pages may not carry the official UNC Asheville template set and are subject to removal from the server.

Official Web Presence is the view of UNC Asheville from a marketing and publications point of view.

A Web Custodian is a University faculty or staff member who has direct responsibility over the accessibility, content, and currency of UNC Asheville Web pages. Students may not be Web Custodians; however the Web Custodian may delegate that responsibility to students.

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