Information Technology Confidentiality Policy

I. Policy Statement

A. Federal and state laws govern the confidentiality of certain information maintained by the University. Any person who has been authorized to use and/or to access the University’s electronic resources shall be expected to regard all personal, confidential, copyrighted, or proprietary information which may thereby become available to him/her as confidential, unless he/she obtains from the owner or designated administrator specific written permission to view, copy, modify, or otherwise access or use any part of it. Users should respect the privacy of others and comply with the confidentiality laws. Except as set forth in this policy, electronic resources will not be used to abridge the confidentiality or privacy of other users’ information or similar assets.

B. The University is the custodian of a wide array of personal and financial data concerning its students, staff, faculty, and others, as well as the University itself. Users shall respect the University’s obligations of confidentiality as well as their own. Only those with specific authorization may access, communicate, or use confidential information.

II. Violations of Policy

Intentional or knowing violations of this policy may constitute misconduct and accordingly employees are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including suspension without pay and dismissal, in accordance with the pertinent employment policies for SHRA, EHRA non-faculty, and faculty.

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