Information Technology User Violations Policy

I. Policy Statement

A. The University reserves the right to place restrictions on the use of its electronic resources in response to complaints that present evidence of violations of university policies, rules, regulations or codes, or local, state or federal laws and regulations. Actions that violate these policies can result in immediate disabling, suspension, and/or revocation of the account owner’s privileges pending review for further action. Such unauthorized or illegitimate use of electronic resources including computer accounts, resources or facilities may subject the violators to appropriate disciplinary, criminal and/or legal action by the University and/or the State. If evidence is established, the university authorities responsible for overseeing these policies and codes will be consulted on the appropriateness of specific actions.

B. Individuals who have concerns about the conduct of a member of the university community or the propriety of a given situation or activity should notify their department chair, dean, director, or an administrator in their supervisory chain at a level sufficient to allow objectivity in evaluating the subject of concern. If action is deemed warranted by this official, the matter shall be referred to the appropriate Vice Chancellor or Senior Officer. Prior to taking action, the Vice Chancellor or Senior Officer responsible for the situation or activity at issue shall consult with the Chief Information Officer, who shall, as appropriate, consult with the University’s General Counsel. The responsible official shall then respond to University community members who express concerns about such activities or incidents, and shall inform the Chancellor regarding their response.

C. When concern about a given situation or activity involves an imminent threat to individuals, systems, or facilities, users should immediately communicate the concern directly to the Chief Information Officer and to University Police.

II. Scope

Applies to UNC Asheville faculty, staff, students, volunteers, interns, and guests requiring access to electronic resources.

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