Continuing Education Units, Seminars, Workshops, Short Courses

I. Procedure for Establishing Courses

The form “Request to Establish a Seminar, Workshop or Other Short Course” (copy attached) must be completed by the person responsible for or sponsoring the course and submitted for approval to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. If approved by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, it is then submitted for approval to the Vice Chancellor for Financial Affairs. Once approved, the form will be distributed according to the directions shown at the bottom of the form. Blank forms are available in the office of Special Academic Programs.

II. Development of Budget

Fee approval authority is vested with the Vice Chancellor for Financial Affairs. Space is provided on the form to list anticipated course expenses. Any and all anticipated expenses should be considered and listed in this space. All courses of this nature must be conducted on a self-supporting basis. Fees will be based upon anticipated expenses.

The fee for participants requesting continuing education units is $10 which is submitted to Special Academic Programs along with the set fee for the course. Fee payments may be made in person or by mail to the Office of Special Academic Programs. Each student will be issued or mailed a receipt. No student will be allowed in a class until full payment has been received.

III. Other Financial Details

No credit will be extended to participants in these courses. Full payment must be made at the time of course registration. Fees collected will be credited to the Special Academic Programs general revenue account. All related expenditures will be charged to the appropriate activity line items and must have the approval of the Director, Special Academic Programs. Participants will not be counted in head count or FTE reports to General Administration or to Raleigh. Required or recommended text materials will be purchased through the UNCA Bookstore. These expenses should be considered in establishing the fee. Book order forms are available from the manager of the Bookstore and Special Academic Programs will make the necessary arrangements for book ordering directly with the manager of the Bookstore.

IV. Miscellaneous

If continuing education units are to be given for the course, it is necessary to have a “Participant Registration Form” completed by each participant requesting the continuing education units. These forms are available in the Special Academic Programs office. The instructor, upon completion of the course, must sign and indicate grades (S- Satisfactory, U-Unsatisfactory) on the term report for each student requesting continuing education units. The yellow copies of the term report and the participant registration form will be submitted to the Registrar’s office. The original copies of the forms will remain in the office of Special Academic Programs. Students satisfactorily completing the course will be issued a continuing education unit certificate signed by the instructor and Director of Special Academic Programs.

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