Ready for Renovations

THE CONNECT NC BOND provides $21.1 million to renovate and revitalize Owen Hall and Carmichael Hall, two buildings on UNC Asheville’s campus that have been in continuous use for 36 years and 49 years respectively, with no major renovations or improvements. The project will allow UNC Asheville to rethink and reinvent these spaces so that they combine to facilitate collaboration among multiple academic disciplines across campus, giving our students a competitive advantage as they join a modern workforce dependent on innovation and flexibility across disciplines.

OWEN HALL currently houses UNC Asheville’s Art and Management programs and with additional space will further collaboration among Art, Management and Mechatronics making Owen Hall a center for innovation and creativity in Western North Carolina.

CARMICHAEL HALL is a dedicated academic building that is home to UNC Asheville’s Psychology and Neuroscience program. Psychology is one of UNC Asheville’s most sought after majors and stands at the center of undergraduate research on campus, combining the rigors of pre-professional training with a critical and innovative liberal arts education.

As North Carolina’s designated liberal arts university, UNC Asheville is dedicated to an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to higher education. This much-needed renovation will allow the university to create a space where programs such as Art, Management and Engineering can come together in innovative and creative ways.

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