Ignite Goals and Outcomes

QEP Overarching Goals Orange short term Yellow long term


  • Community
  • Connectedness

Foundations for Learning/ Personal Development

  • Academic Self-Efficacy
  • Personal and Social Responsibility
  • Reflection


  • Fall to Spring Retention
  • Fall to Fall Retention
  • 150% Graduation rate

Belongingness data comes from:

  • Returning Student Survey
  • Chemistry Dep. Survey questions

Foundations for Learning / Personal Development data comes from:

  • AAC&U VALUE Rubric: Global Learning (Self Awareness, Perspective taking, & Personal and Social Responsibility)
  • CASEL (Hello Insight) self-assessment
  • PAL Reflection Journal: Foundations for Learning Rubric (Reflection)

Additional IGNITE outcomes, including Self-awareness, Perspective Taking, Social Skills, Positive Identity, Contribution, and Self-Management will also be assessed, using the VALUE Rubrics and Hello Insight.