Senior Projects

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies majors are encouraged to explore their interests through in-depth research for a senior project. Recent examples include:

  • Linnea Bergvall – Room in the Inn (service project collecting women’s stories)
  • Sarah Boeshart – Being Queer at Work: How Workplace Discrimination forces Passing or Firing
  • Katie Sue Campbell- Willing to Pay? Capitalism, Queer Consciousness and Compromise
  • Lee Doyle – Queering Drag and Masculinities: Voices of a Gen(d)eration (a blog)
  • Evan Edwards – The Queer Event: Love and Radical Politics
  • E. J. Horrocks – By Nature: Eco-Psychological Theory
  • Jessica Olivencia – Refiguring the Dis/Abled Body
  • Allison Schad – Queer Activist Mobility: Stories of Queers in Asheville
  • Marla Sutherland – Empty Words and Meaningful Actions