Sustainability Certificate Curriculum

Certificate Requirements

The Interdisciplinary Certificate in Sustainability requires the completion of a minimum of 5 courses and 13 semester hours, including IST 230, Sustainability Seminar (1 credit) – the core required course for the certificate. The remaining courses must be chosen from the list below, with at least two courses at the 300-400 level. Requests for course substitutions must be approved by the certificate coordinator.

Courses must represent at least two different disciplines (as determined by course prefix) from two different departments. No more than eight of the required 12 semester hours that a student applies toward an interdisciplinary certificate may have the same course prefix. No more than 8 hours from a declared major or minor may be applied toward an interdisciplinary certificate. All courses used for the certificate must be completed at UNC Asheville. Interdisciplinary certificates may only be completed in conjunction with the completion of an undergraduate degree at UNC Asheville.


For a list of courses, please refer to the description of the Interdisciplinary Certificate in Sustainability in the UNCA Course Catalog. New courses approved for the Sustainability Certificate are announced each semester before registration.

f you are interested in earning the Sustainability Certificate, please contact Dr. Casey King at