Humanities Minor

A minor in humanities gives students an opportunity to study a particular topic from the perspective of several disciplines. You will find yourself challenged as you broaden your knowledge.


  • 19 hours of courses in the Humanities, including: HUM 324 – The Modern World: Mid-17th to Mid-20th Century (4)
  • 15 additional hours, excluding courses in the major or courses used for LAC requirements

The 15 hours must be chosen from more than one department and must include at least 3 hours at the 300-400 level. The courses must pursue a coherent theme or reflect a specific area of interest, and require approval of the program director. Humanities Special Topics courses may be included. Students should declare the minor in Humanities before completing 75 hours of study.

Additional Information

University-wide minimum requirements for a minor: 1) one-half of the hours required for a minor must be completed in residence at UNC Asheville, to include at least 6 hours at the 300-400 level; 2) students must have a cumulative grade-point-average of at least 2.0 on minor courses taken at UNC Asheville.