Humanities Courses

Required Courses

Humanities 124

HUM 124: The Ancient World is the introduction to the Humanities sequence. Human history and cultural developments from the ancient civilizations of Africa and Asia to the disintegration of the Western Roman Empire, emphasizing both continuities and discontinuities across a wide range of ancient peoples, the intellectual and artistic heritage of the ancient world and the origins of major religions including Judaism, Buddhism and Christianity. Offered in Fall and Spring.

Humanities 214

HUM 214: Communities and Selves, 300-1700 studies pre-modern civilizations, from the 4th through the 17th centuries, using a thematic approach. Students draw upon literature, art, music, and material culture to gain insight into the dynamics of individualism and community across the world’s diverse cultures. Classes usually include different forms of learning, including close reading, class and common lectures, performances, discussion, writing, and project-based activities. Offered in Fall and Spring. Pre-requisite: HUM 124.

Humanities 324

HUM 324 investigates events, ideas and values from the 16th to the early 20th centuries during what is commonly described as the Modern era. The course presents diverse multicultural perspectives on the scientific, political, industrial and social changes that came about during this time: (e.g., the rise of globalization, feminism and international declarations of rights). Students investigate the profound influence of these historical moments on philosophy, religion, literature and the arts. Sources are drawn from multiple disciplines and include global cultural forms. The course narrative considers the intersection of local and international conditions that led to the era’s ongoing significance. All sections meet weekly for a common lecture, and classes may include close reading, discussion, writing, presentations and project-based activities. Offered in Fall and Spring. (Fewer sections offered in the fall.) Pre-requisite: HUM 214.

Upcoming Courses

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Senior Capstone Courses

The Senior Capstone is intended to be taken in a student’s final year at UNC Asheville. Students may choose between two options for the Senior Capstone course: HUM 414: The Individual in the Contemporary World and LA 478: Cultivating Citizenship in a Global World. Students may not receive credit for both courses.

Humanities 414

HUM 414: The Individual in the Contemporary World is a critical examination of contemporary global issues and recent world history. Builds on key themes and questions raised in the preceding Humanities courses toward a fuller understanding of the challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities of humanity today. All sections meet weekly for a common lecture, and classes may include close reading, discussion, writing, presentations and project-based activities. Pre-requisites: 75 credit hours and HUM 124, 214, 324; LANG 120.

LA 478

LA 478: Senior Capstone: Cultivating Citizenship in a Global World – A capstone seminar, ordinarily taken in the final year, emphasizing engaged global citizenship from an interdisciplinary perspective. Sources in ethics, economics, politics and environmental science offer diverse cultural perspectives on a sustainable future. Assignments integrate knowledge acquired through the major with the wider perspectives from liberal arts core courses, and include a self-directed project on ethics and policy recommendations. Must be fulfilled in residence. No credit given if credit received for HUM 414. Offered in Fall and Spring. Pre-requisites: 75 credit hours and HUM 324; LANG 120.