Liberal Arts Core

Most schools have general education requirements that are somewhat random. Everyone, no matter their major, takes a math, science, and English class. But, we don’t think that’s enough. UNC Asheville’s Liberal Arts Core is a set of courses designed to expose our students to a range of subjects and ideas and help them apply that knowledge to their own major. We even have a course that introduces all first-year students to education in a liberal arts environment so you can be set up for success. It’s not just what you learning, but how you learn, that makes our students so successful after they graduate.

Students of all majors are required to complete the following:

Requirement Credits
First-Year Seminar 3
Academic Writing and Critical Inquiry 4
Humanities 12
Laboratory Science 4
Scientific Perspectives 3
Quantitative Perspectives 4
Social Science 3
Second Language (proficiency through the 2nd semester) 0-4
Arts and Ideas 3
Senior Capstone 4
Diversity Intensive 3


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