Neuroscience is an academic discipline which seeks to understand how neural systems give rise to thought and behavior.

Study of neuroscience at UNC Asheville embodies the liberal arts experience since it draws on techniques and findings from several academic fields including biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and psychology.

The neuroscience minor at UNC Asheville exposes students to this breadth by requiring a certain number of upper-level courses for the minor to be completed in departments outside of the student’s home major. Many students find a neuroscience minor relevant preparation for medical or graduate programs.

The minor entails at least 21 hours, including Biology 136, Chemistry 111 and 132, Neuroscience 216 (cross-listed as Psychology 216), and one hour from Neuroscience 480. Of the nine elective hours, at least six must be from the 300 level and above, and be outside of the student’s major.

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