Health and Wellness Curriculum


  • Health and Wellness Promotion (B.S.)


  • Health and Wellness Promotion

Interdisciplinary Cluster

  • Food, Food Systems and Culture – Health and Wellness courses play an important part in this four-course cluster, which includes course choices from the areas of biology, chemistry, economics, environmental studies and more.

National Wellness Institute Accreditation

UNC Asheville’s Health and Wellness Promotion program has achieved accredited academic program status from the National Wellness Institute Council on Wellness Accreditation and Education (CWAE) . The CWAE recognizes undergraduate degree programs that prepare individuals to enter professions in wellness and health promotion.

Students graduating from a CWAE accredited program are eligible to receive Certified Wellness Practitioner (CWP) designation, a recognized credential in the field. Applications for CWP must be received within 24 months of graduation from the accredited program.