Lateral Entry

Lateral entry teachers can take classes through UNC Asheville’s distance education program. Lateral entry courses fulfill requirements for regular classroom teachers and exceptional children teachers who are hired as lateral entry teachers in the state of North Carolina. Courses last four weeks (summer) to eight weeks (each semester) and meet specific competencies outlined by the Regional Alternative Licensing Center. Teachers who sign up for these courses must have a Plan of Study from the Regional Alternative Licensing Center. They must also fill out application forms.

Please note that all of the classes are offered online through moodle. There are two courses that meet 4 times via teleconference, in addition to the online coursework, and that is noted under Current Classes.

How It Works

You must already be employed as a lateral entry teacher in order to enroll in lateral entry classes.

Enroll/register for classes:

  • Send us your RALC plan. You can fax it (828.251.6492) to the attention of “Distance Education” or scan and email it ( Please do not take a picture of it.
  • Complete Residency Determination at This determines your eligibility for in-state tuition.
  • Register for classes as a distance student (not non-degree) on the CFNC website if this is your first time registering for a Lateral Entry class at UNC Asheville OR if you did not take a class at UNCA in the semester directly preceeding the one for which you wish to enroll. You must also pay a $35 non-refundable application fee. If you took a class the previous semester then fill out the Continuing Student Application and scan/email it ( or fax it (Attention “Distance Education”, 828.251.6492). Do NOT register through UNC Asheville admissions.
  • On your application, include the course title and the course reference number (CRN). To see what courses are offered, go to the Current Classes/Lateral Entry page.