Directed and adapted by Aaron Snook for the Drama Department from a new translation of Euripedes' Electra by the Ancient Mediterranean Studies Department, and infused with original Appalachian roots music composed by the Music Department, this production of Elektra aims to spark a conversation around the cycles of violence that inherited hate produces.

April 20-22, 2023 7:30pm, April 23, 2:00pm


General Admission: $15

Faculty/Staff: $10

Students: $5

@ the Belk Theatre





The Civil War may have ended, but the blood that was spilled sowed the Appalachian soil with loss and grievance.  In the succeeding years, the Conservative cause nurtured those seeds with violence and intimidation, creating an inheritance of hate to be passed down to the younger generation.  In the sleepy mountain town of Mycenae, North Carolina this legacy is tearing at the heart of a young girl named Elektra.  Fatherless at the hands of her mother’s new husband, Elektra awaits her brother’s return and prays for vengeance.  


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