Sue Lipiec

LPC, Clinical Director

Contact Information

  • 250-2326
  • 157 W.T. Weaver Building

I’m a licensed professional counselor, with a strong background in community mental health and higher education counseling and administration. As a cognitive behaviorist at heart, I enjoy infusing my work with a lot of humor and creativity - Lucille Ball was my idol growing up, if that tells you anything. Reflecting my Coming of Age during the era of War, Woodstock, 3.2 Beer and Flower Power my interests and hobbies embrace a love for gardening, old movies, James Taylor and jazz music, mindfulness practices and meditation. When asked what I feel my greatest strength would be I would have to say my greatest strength lies in my passion for my profession. It ignites my curiosity, fuels my drive to grow both personally and professionally and it strengthens my relationships and connection with others. I just really enjoy people!