Simren Patel

Career Peer

Contact Information

     I am a Junior at UNC Asheville and an intended Physics Major and Astronomy and Math Minor. One thing I love about working in the Career Center is sharing resources with students, alumni, and employers, in order to reach their goals, that they did not even realize were available to them. I wish students knew that they can make appointments with our Career Coaches through Handshake for all of their career, job, or internship related needs. Our coaches are even thrilled to meet and give general guidance if a student is not sure what to do with their interests! 

    If you were a kitchen utensil, what kind would you be: If I were a kitchen utensil, I would probably be a fork, a fork is pretty versatile and can help in a multitude of ways, not just to cut or scoop, and I admire its versatility and ability to get along with (and be used for eating) many foods.

    You can contact me at or 828.251.6515.