Pamela Laughon, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology

Contact Information

  • 251-6424
  • 220 Delany Hall

Office Hours

  • Monday 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • Wednesday 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • Note: Other days/times by appointment

Dr. Pam Laughon
joined the Psychology Department in 1989 and served as Chair of Psychology from 2006-2020.  She has been licensed as a practicing Psychologist-Provisional since 1994, and she served as a Guardian ad litem in the 28th Judicial District of NC from 1990-2000.  From 1996 to the present, she has served as a Mitigation Specialist III for Indigent Defense Services of North Carolina, assisting in the defense of over 250 capital murder defendants in NC, TN, SC, and the federal court system.  


B.A., UNC-Greensboro (Psychology)
M.S., Florida State University (School & Applied Developmental Psychology)
Ph.D., Florida State University (School & Applied Developmental Psychology)

Courses Taught

Introductory Psychology Developmental Psychology
Educational Psychology Psychology of Exceptional Children
Psychology and Law History and Systems in Psychology
Senior Seminar in Psychology Human Sexuality

Scholarly Contributions

  1. a)  Peer-reviewed papers

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  1. b)  Peer-reviewed conference presentations

Wolbransky, M., Keesler, M., DeMatteo, D., & Laughon, P.  (2014). Evaluating trauma

     in capital sentencing evaluations:  Prevalence and relevance to jury decision-making.

     Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the International Society for Traumatic

     Stress Studies, Philadelphia, PA.

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Wolbransky, M.E., Keesler, M.E., Hinz, H., Laughon, P., DeMatteo, D., & Goldstein,   

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Keesler, M.E., Laughon, P., Foster, E., Batastini, A., & DeMatteo, D.  (2010, March). 

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