Meghan McGreal, Ph.D.

Lecturer of Chemistry

Contact Information

  • 828-232-5171
  • 106 Zeis Hall

About Me

I grew up in the suburbs of New York City and moved to North Carolina when I was 12. I attended UNC Asheville as an undergrad, where I received my B.S. degree with distinction in Chemistry. I then went to graduate school at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities in Minneapolis where I lived for 6 years as I earned my M.S. and subsequent Ph. D. I studied computational chemistry and was a founding member of the Goodpaster Research Group. My focus of study was using Density Functional Theory to study the electronic structure, geometry, and reaction mechanisms of transition metal metalloenzymes, specific focus was placed on the Ni-Fe Hydrogenase enzyme. Additionally, I was a Community Faculty Member at Metropolitan State University in Saint Paul where I taught General Chemistry 2.

As an alumni of UNCA, I am very excited to return to the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. I have two geriatric Dachshunds who I take way too many pictures of, and I enjoy travelling, eating at as many local restaurants as possible, and reading fantasy books.


  • Ph. D., University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, Chemistry
  • M.S., University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
  • B.S., UNC Asheville, Chemistry, Minor in Mathematics, Cum Laude

Courses Taught

  • CHEM 111 General Chemistry Laboratory
  • CHEM 331 Foundations of Physical Chemistry

Selected Publications

McGreal, M. E.; Goodpaster, J. D. Computational Biomimetic-Inspired Modifications on the reaction and geometry of the FeNi Hydrogenase Active Site. In Preparation

McGreal, M. E.; Wilson, R. H.; Goodpaster, J. D. Understanding the Mechanism and Structure/Function Relationships in FeNi Hydrogenase using Computation. In Preparation

Beaumier, E. P.; Christopher, G.; Harkins, R.; McGreal, M. E.; Wen, X.; Copéret, C.; Goodpaster, J. D.; Tonks, I. A. Cp2Ti(κ2-tBuNCNtBu): A Complex with an Unusual κ2 Coordination Mode of a Heterocumulene Featuring a Free Carbene. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2020, 142, 8006-8018.

Beaumier, E. P; McGreal, M. E.; Pancoast, A. R.; Wilson, R. H.; Moore, J. T.; Graziano, B. J.; Goodpaster, J. D.; Tonks, I. A. Carbodiimide Synthesis via Ti-Catalyzed Nitrene Transfer from Diazenes to Isocyanides. ACS Catalysis. 2019, 9, 11753-11762.

Ramakrishnam Raju, M. V.; Wilharm, R. K.; Dresel, M. J.; McGreal, M. E.; Mansergh, J. P; Marting, S. T.; Goodpaster, J. D.; Pierre, V. C. Impact of the Stability of the Complex and Basicity of the Anion on the Selectivity and Affinity of Tripodal Gadolinium
Complexes for Anions. Inorganic Chemistry. 2019, 58, 15189-15201.

Stoneburner, S. J.; Livermore, V.; McGreal, M. E.; Yu, D.; Vogiatzis, K. D.; Snurr, R. Q.; and L. Gagliardi, Catechol-Ligated Transition Metals: A Quantum Chemical Study on a Promising System for Gas Separation. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2017, 121, 10463–10469.