Mark Harvey, Ph.D.

Chair & Professor of Psychology

Contact Information

  • 251-6831
  • 224 Delany Hall

Office Hours

  • Monday 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • Tuesday 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
  • Note: Other days/times by appointment


An environmental psychologist, Professor Harvey has conducted research on natural resource allocation dilemmas, human visual sensitivity to and memory for atmospheric haze, the design of informal learning environments (e.g., museums), and the influence of ecolabels on consumers. His courses emphasize the critical evaluation of primary sources (in Research Methods) balanced against the value of striving to produce frontier research and scholarship (in advanced and Senior Seminar courses). Harvey’s recent research seeks to contribute to the understanding of how the human relationship with the natural world develops and may contribute to wellness and pro-environmental values.

Selected publications (UNCA student co-authors italicized):

Harvey, M.L., Bowman, K. & Karr, A. (2021). The Gardening Spirit: Evidence that frequency of gardening precisely predicts ecospirituality, Journal of Horticultural Therapy, 31(1), 1-9.

Harvey, M. L., & MacPhee, V. (2021). A Pilot Test of the Association between Weather- and Thermo-comfort and Time Spent Outdoors. Weather, Climate, and Society, 13(2), 353-361.

Harvey, M.L., Oskins, J., McCarter, K., Baker, J. (2016).  Direct Earth Contact: Barefootedness and Nature Connection, Ecopsychology, 8(2), 96-106.

Harvey, M.L. (2014). The centrality of research to the field of ecopsychology. Ecopsychology, 6(1), 40-41.

Harvey, M.L. & Miles, D.  (2009). And Then They Came for Me: The Effectiveness of a Theatrical Performance and Study Guide on Middle-school Students’ Holocaust Knowledge and Empathic Concern. Youth Theatre Journal, 23(2), 91-102.