Kevin Moorhead

Professor of Environmental Studies

Contact Information

    Office Hours

    • Monday 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
    • Wednesday 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
    • Note:

    Dr. Moorhead teaches soils, wetland ecology, environmental planning, and environmental restoration. His research interests include plant/soil relationships, wetland restoration, and biogeochemical cycling in wetlands.


    • B.A.  Warren Wilson College
    • M.S.  Ohio State University
    • Ph.D.  University of Florida

    Courses Taught

    • ENVR 130  Introduction to Environmental Science
    • ENVR 234  Energy and Society
    • ENVR 330  Seminar in Environmental Issues
    • ENVR 341  Wetland Ecology
    • ENVR 358  Agriculture
    • ENVR 360  Environmental Restoration
    • ENVR 383  Environmental Planning
    • ENVR 385  Soils
    • HON  179  Technology and the Environment
    • HON  179  Agriculture and the Environment
    • ENVR 490  Internship

    Recent Publications

    • Warren, R.J. II, I.M. Rossell, K.K. Moorhead, & J. Dan Pittillo.  [2007].  "The influence of woody encroachment upon herbaceous vegetation in a southern Appalachian wetland complex."  AMERICAN MIDLAND NATURALIST  157:39-51.
    • Van Engelen, D.L., R.C. Sharpe-Pedler, & K.K. Moorhead.  [2007].  "Effect of chelating agents and solubility of cadmium complexes on uptake from soil by Brassicajuncea."  CHEMOSPHERE  68:401-408.
    • Reynolds, B.C., J. Hamel, J. Isbanioly, L. Klausman, & K.K. Moorhead.  [2007].  "From forest to fen:  Microarthropod abundance and litter decomposition in a southern Appalachian floodplain/fen complex."   PEDOBIOLOGIA  51:273-280.
    • Moorhead, K.K., D.W. Bell, & R.N. Thorn.  [2008].  "Floodplain hydrology after restoration of a southern Appalachian mountain stream."  WETLANDS  28:632-639.
    • Miller, J.W. Jr., L.B. Dlugolecki, & K.K. Moorhead.  [2008].  "Path of the Nantahala River, Western North Carolina."  SOUTHEASTERN GEOLOGY  46:37-42.
    • Rossell, I.M., K.K. Moorhead, H. Alvarado, & R.J. Warren, II.  [2009].  "Natural succession of plants in a southern Appalachian mountain wetland six years after restoration of hydrology and microtopography."  RESTORATION ECOLOGY  17:205-214.
    • Moorhead, K.K.  [2013].  "A realistic role for reference in wetland restoration."  ECOLOGICAL RESTORATION 31:347-352.
    • Babuin, J.L., J.W. Miller, K.K. Moorhead, & J.R. Craig.  [2014].  "Corrosion mineralogy of common bird hot types in North Carolina Environments."  CANADIAN MINEALOGIST 52:487-500.
    • Moorhead, K.K.  [2015].  "A pedogenic view of ecosystem restoration."  ECOLOGICAL RESTORATION 33:341-351.