Keith Krumpe, Ph.D.

Senior Administrator for Space Planning & Professor of Chemistry; Organic Chemistry

Contact Information

  • 250-3880
  • 211C Phillips Hall

Courses Taught

  • CHEM 132 – General Chemistry
  • CHEM 179 – Chemical Weapons, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism
  • CHEM 222 – Organic Chemistry Laboratory
  • CHEM 231 – Organic Chemistry I
  • CHEM 232 – Organic Chemistry II
  • CHEM 430 – Advanced Topics in Chemistry (Physical Organic, Organic Synthesis, Organic Spectroscopy)
  • LS 479 – ILS Senior Colloquium: Cultivating Citizenship in the Contemporary World


  • Ph.D., Emory University, Chemistry (Organic), 1991
  • B.S., Chemistry, Allegheny College, 1985

About me

After completing my post-doctoral research fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh, I joined the faculty at UNC Asheville in 1992 where I served as Chair of Chemistry (03-09) before becoming Dean of Natural Sciences. While I have lived in Asheville since 1992, I will always consider Pittsburgh my home. My wife, Anita, and I have two wonderful children, Eric and Gretchen, and life right now revolves around them. When I am not working I enjoy active. While playing ice hockey is my passion, a lack of ice in WNC has forced me to refocus my athletic energies on golf and softball. I also enjoy spending time in, on, and around the water with my family.

Teaching Interests

My pharmaceutical-oriented training has resulted in most of my teaching being in lower-level organic chemistry lecture and laboratory courses, as well as upper-level, organic-focused courses (mechanisms, spectroscopy, synthesis, etc.). Teaching general chemistry, primarily the first semester course, has also been area of activity for me. Since becoming involved in the NSF-funded SENCER (Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities) project almost 10 years ago, I have begun developing "SENCERized" general and organic chemistry courses for STEM majors, and in using SENCER to improve premedical education. I now teach my first semester general chemistry lecture course through the lens of the environment and my sophomore organic lectures through the lens of addiction.

Research Interests

As a supervisor of undergraduate research, my focus has been on the synthesis of biologically active molecules and the development of new synthetic methodologies. My involvement in undergraduate research has also included serving on the editorial staff of the Proceedings for the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) for 15 years and serving as the Onsite Editor for the Proceedings at each annual NCUR.

Since becoming involved with SENCER, I have expanded my scholarly focus to include the scholarship of teaching and learning; specifically, in developing the aforementioned "SENCERized" general and organic chemistry courses for STEM majors, and in using SENCER to improve premedical education.  My work with SENCER has also included serving as a SENCER Summer Institute faculty member, as a Senior Associate, as a Leadership Fellow, and as a co-Director of the SENCER Center of Innovation – South.

Selected Publications

"Deriving A Bridge to Transfer Unknown (Probabilistic) Times to Known (Deterministic) Times to Allow Confidence Level Estimates for a Time/Cost Tradeoff: A Critical Analysis of PERT/CPM Procedures"; Keith Krumpe, Joseph Lane, Jimin Lee, Mary Lynn Manns, Claudel McKenzie, Linda Nelms, Mckenna Stockhausen, Lauren Turnburke, and Robert Yearout; International Journal of Industrial Engineering Theory, Application, and Practice, 17(3), pp. 246-258 (2010).

“Impacts of DBCP on Participants in the Agricultural Industry in a Third World Nation (An Industrial Health and Safety Case Study of a Village at Risk)”; Robert Yearout, Xavier Game, Keith Krumpe, and Claudel McKenzie; International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics Special Edition on Industrial Safety and Health, Vol. 38, pp 127-134 (2008).

“The application of vinylogous iminium salt derivatives to an efficient synthesis of the pyrrole containing alkaloids Rigidin and Rigidin E”  John T. Gupton, Edith J. Banner, Austin B. Scharf, Bradley K. Norwood, Rene P. F. Kanters, Raymond N. Dominey, Jonathan E. Hempel, Anastasia Kharlamova, Itta Bluhn-Chertudi, Charles R. Hickenboth, Barrett A. Little, Melissa D. Sartin, Matthew B. Coppock, Keith E. Krumpe, Bruce S. Burnham, Herman Holt, Karen X. Du, Kartik M. Keertikar, Anthony Diebes, Shahnaz Ghassemi and James A. Sikorski Tetrahedron 62, 8243-8255 (2006).

“The Application of Vinylogous Iminium Salt Derivatives to an Efficient Relay Synthesis of the Pyrrole Containing Alkaloids Polycitone A and B.” John T. Gupton Robert B. Miller, Keith E. Krumpe, Stuart C. Clough, Edie J. Banner, Rene P.F. Kanters, Karen X. Du, Kartik M. Keertikar, Nicholas E. Lauerman, John M. Solano, Bret R. Adams, Daniel W. Callahan Barrett A. Little, Austin B. Scharf and James A. Sikorski Tetrahedron , 61,1845-1854 (2005).