Jonathan Horton, Ph.D.

Chair & Professor of Biology

Contact Information

  • 232-5152
  • 303 Zeis Hall

Dr. Horton's research focuses on plant physiological ecology, especially the response of plants to abiotic and biotic stressors. His research has taken him from the southern Appalachian Mountains to the Sonoran Desert and back again. Most recently, Dr. Horton has been collaborating with scientists from Appalachian State University, Warren Wilson College, and Western Carolina University investigating the effects of climate change, disturbance, and fire on forest ecosystems in the Southern Appalachians.  He has collaborated with colleagues in the Biology Department on the conservation biology or rare and threatened plants. He is also collaborating with colleagues at the U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Park Service to investigate the health of forest trees in response to non-native insect invasions and novel silvicultural practices. Additionally, his research investigates the characteristics that make invasive species successful and the interplay between mycorrhizae and their plant symbionts. His interest in desert plant adaptations leads him to teach a field-based Desert Ecology class in alternating summers.


  •   Ph.D. in Forestry from Northern Arizona University
  •   M.S. in Biology from Appalachian State University
  •   B.S. in Biology from UNC Chapel Hill

Courses Taught

  • BIOL 125       Principles of Biology
  • BIOL 126       Principles of Biology Lab
  • BIOL 134       Experimental Design, Analysis, and Presentation
  • BIOL 136L     Principles of Cellular and Molecular Biology Lab
  • BIOL 211       Principles of Botany
  • BIOL 211L     Principles of Botany Lab
  • BIOL 298       Introduction to Research Methods
  • BIOL 345       Plant Physiology
  • BIOL 345L     Plant Physiology Lab
  • BIOL 356       Desert Ecology
  • BIOL 357       Mycology
  • BIOL 357L     Mycology Lab
  • BIOL 398       Research Methods in Biology
  • BIOL 442       Forest Ecology
  • BIOL 442L     Forest Ecology Lab
  • BIOL 480       Senior Seminar
  • BIOL 498       Undergraduate Research in Biology