Janice Self

Data Administrator

Contact Information

  • jself1@unca.edu
  • 250-3990
  • 449 Sherrill Center

Janice joined NCCHW in December 2015 as the Data Administrator for all Healthy Aging NC programs.  She is responsible for data management, fidelity monitoring and data reporting for the evidence-based programs that NCCHW supports statewide, including: A Matter of Balance, Tai Chi for Arthritis, Living Healthy with Chronic Disease - Chronic Pain – Diabetes Self-Management programs, and Walk With Ease.  She also assists with website management for the two WordPress sites managed by NCCHW Healthy Aging NC staff, including the Healthy Aging NC website and the NC Falls Prevention Coalition website. Previously, Janice worked at Buncombe County Health Department for 15 years as the Computer Support Tech and Administrative Assistant for the WIC/Nutrition Division. To stay sharp, she loves exploring new methods of data analytics and visualization. She also enjoys learning new programming languages and web design (WordPress ‘Code is Poetry’).  Janice plans to go stargazing at all the U.S. national parks and visit New Zealand and Australia someday in the future.