Carrie Tomberlin

Lecturer and Gallery Director

Contact Information

  • 258-7723
  • 209 Owen Hall

Carrie Tomberlin received her MFA in photography from Clemson University and her BA in Visual Art and Creative Writing from Eckerd College. Before coming to UNC Asheville, Carrie taught photography in Seattle, WA, and prior to her teaching career, she worked with several non-profit organizations including the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. As a graduate of the liberal arts, Carrie enjoys teaching classes for the Department of Art and Art History, the Arts and Ideas Program, and the Sustainability Certificate. Outside the classroom, Carrie loves travel, photographing, hiking, cooking food from around the world, and playing support staff to a posse of llamas and her dog Arlo.

Carrie’s photographic work is regularly exhibited nationally and internationally. By visualizing consumer culture, overindulgence, and our ever-expanding technological dependency, she asks the viewer to consider how our actions impact each other and the natural world. In addition to her solo work, she and fellow artist, Eric Tomberlin, have been working on a long-term collaborative project on sea level rise in Bangladesh.

Visit Carrie's website to view her work.