Alison Ormsby

Lecturer of Environmental Studies

Contact Information

  • 232-5182
  • 137C Rhodes Robinson

Office Hours

  • Tuesday 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • Thursday 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • Note: Or by appointment.

Dr. Ormsby teaches human ecology and policy courses that relate to the interaction of people and nature, including wildlife policy, citizen science, ecotourism, and ethnobotany.  Her research interests include environmental education, ecovillages, park management, sacred forests, and sustainability.


  • B.S.   The College of William and Mary
  • M.S.   Environmental Studies, Yale University
  • Ph.D.  Environmental Studies, Antioch New England Graduate School

Courses Taught

  • ENVR 324  Environmental Ethics
  • ENVR 373  Citizen Science
  • ENVR 373  Ecotourism
  • ENVR 373  Policy and Management of Protected Areas
  • ENVR 373  Sustainable Communities
  • ENVR 373  Teaching Environmental Issues
  • ENVR 373  Wildlife Policy
  • ENVR 374  Ethnobotany
  • MLAS 560  Grassroots Conservation
  • ARTS 310  Environmental Art
  • HUM 414   The Individual in the Contemporary World
  • LA 178      Linking Nature and Culture:  Sacred Natural Sites
  • LA 478      Cultivating Global Citizenship

Recent Publications

  • Rath, S. and A.A. Ormsby. 2020.  Conservation through Traditional Knowledge: a Review of Research on the Sacred Groves of Odisha, India.  Human Ecology
  • Bollier, E. and A.A. Ormsby. 2020.  Campus Solid Waste Reduction through the Trash to Treasure Move-Out Program.  Sustainability: the Journal of Record.
  • Pradhan, A. and A.A. Ormsby. 2020. Biocultural conservation in the sacred forests of Odisha, India. Environmental Conservation 47: 190–196. doi: 10.1017/S0376892920000181
  • Hurd, E. and A.A. Ormsby.  2020.  Supporting K-12 teachers in the context of whole school sustainability: four case studies.  Applied Environmental Education & Communication. DOI: 10.1080/1533015X.2020.1740115
  • Krebs-Moberg, J. and A. Ormsby.  [2018].  "Assessing the effectiveness of a community food security project for curriculum development."  APPLIED ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION & COMMUNICATION.  doi: 10.1080/1533015X.2018.1445567.
  • Jackson, W. and A. Ormsby.  [2016].  "Sustainability in practice:  A comparative case study analysis of the ecovillage at Ithaca, Earthaven, and Sirius."  COMMUNAL SOCIETIES 36[2]:125-151.
  • Ormsby, A. and S. Ismail.  [2015].  "Cultural and ecological insights into sacred grove management:  Managing timber resources for improved conservation of sacred groves."  FORESTS, TREES AND LIVELIHOODS 24[4]:244-258.  doi: 10.1080/14728028.2015.1059294.
  • Ormsby, A.  [2013].  "Analysis of local attitudes toward sacred groves of Meghalaya and Karnataka, India."  CONSERVATION AND SOCIETY 11[2]:187-197.
  • Ormsby, A.  [2012].  "Cultural and conservation values of sacred forests in Ghana."  In Pungetti, G., G. Oviedo and D. Hooke [eds.] SACRED SPECIES AND SITES:  ADVANCES IN BIOCULTURAL CONSERVATION, p. 335-350.   Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press.
  • Ormsby, A.  [2011].  "The impacts of global and national policy on the management and conservation of sacred groves of India."  HUMAN ECOLOGY 39:783-793.
  • Holladay, P. and A. Ormsby.  [2011].  "A comparative study of local perceptions of ecotourism and conservation at Five Blues Lake National Park, Belize."  JOURNAL OF ECOTOURISM 10[2]:118-134.
  • Ormsby, A. and C. Edelman.  [2010].  "Community-based ecotourism at Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary, a sacred natural site in Ghana."  In Verschuuren, B. et al [eds.]  SACRED NATURAL SITES:  CONSERVING NATURE AND CULTURE, p. 233-243.  London: Earthscan.
  • Ormsby, A. and S.A. Bhagwat.  [2010].  "Sacred forests of India:  A strong tradition of community-based natural resource management."  ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION 37[3]:320-326.

Recent Presentations

  • M. Kruse and Ormsby, A.  [2017].  "Does domestic grazing belong on public land?"  Integrating Human Dimensions into Fisheries and Wildlife Management Conference, Estes Park, CO.
  • Ormsby, A. and W. Jackson.  [2017].  "Conservation benefits and challenges of urban sacred natural sites."  Society for Conservation Biology Conference, Cartagena, Columbia.
  • Ormsby, A. and S. Leopold.  [2016].  "Sanctuary networks for medicinal plant conservation."  Society of Economic Botany Conference, Pine Mountain, Kentucky.
  • Ormsby, A.  [2014].  "Linking culture and conservation:  Sacred groves of India, Ghana, and Sierra Leone."  International Society for Ethnobiology Conference, Sumthan, Bhutan.
  • Ormsby, A.  [2013].  "Conservation and conflict:  Sacred groves of Sierra Leone."  Society for Conservation Biology Conference, Baltimore, MD.  [Paper presentation and organizer of the symposium, Culture and Conservation:  Conserving Sacred Sites & Species.]