Community Connector

Lise Kloeppel, UNC Asheville associate professor of drama, is the fifth recipient of the university’s Community Connectors Award, given by the university’s Key Center for Community Engaged Learning.

“For Lise, service learning is a pedagogical approach focused on problem solving, critical thinking, reciprocity, equity, and social justice,” said Tiece Ruffin, associate professor of education. “Her service learning and community engagement experiences immerse students in diverse worldviews and meaningful civic engagement opportunities that truly make a difference, while providing transformative learning experiences through the lens of equity and social justice.”
Kloeppel has steered the Key Center's efforts in service learning through meaningful reciprocal community engagement over five years through her distinguished service as the center’s faculty director.

Her work has included operationalizing the Community Engaged Scholars process, facilitating the review of public service projects, and editing papers for the University's Journal of Undergraduate Public Service Projects, while soliciting and naming Key Center Faculty fellows, and supporting faculty in designing service-learning designated courses.

Kloeppel also connects her teaching to service learning and community engagement. She has an established record of working with a variety of community partners since 2009, including Homeward Bound, ABCCM's Veterans Restoration Quarters, Beloved House, Green Opportunities, Hood Huggers International, Urban Arts Institute, Delta House Life Development Center, William Randolph School, Christine W. Avery Learning Center, Inc., Asheville Greenworks and Youth OUTright.
Kloeppel holds an MFA in theatre with an emphasis in theatre for youth from Arizona State University, a B.S. in secondary education emphasis in speech and theatre education from Missouri State University, and NC K-12 theatre arts professional educator’s licensure.

Prior recipients of the Community Connectors Award are Ameena Batada, associate professor of health and wellness, Michelle Bettencourt, associate professor of modern languages and literatures, Kathleen Garbe, associate professor of health and wellness, and Tiece Ruffin, associate professor of education.