UNC Asheville Celebrates 50 Years of NOAA

Honoring Our Long-Standing Partnerships

Atmospheric Sciences

Offering programs in weather forecasting, broadcast meteorology, and climatology

Founded by NOAA scientists over 40 years ago, the Department of Atmospheric Sciences has graduated nearly 400 meteorologists, including dozens who work across NOAA research and operational facilities today.

With programs in weather forecasting, broadcast meteorology, and climatology, we engage in collaborative field and laboratory research with National Weather Service forecast offices and other NOAA organizations. At UNC Asheville, students will find a world-class undergraduate education with access to unique internship and research experiences at local NOAA organizations, such as the National Centers for Environmental Information.  


Natural Sciences

Emphasizing interdisciplinary collaboration, field work, and access to leading-edge technologies

With award-winning undergraduate programs in Atmospheric Science, Physics, Environmental Studies, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Computer Science, and Biology, the Natural Sciences division prepares the next generation of NOAA scientists for their careers.

Natural science departments at UNC Asheville provide students with the tools, knowledge, and experiences required for advanced study and high placement in NOAA and industry.



Building capacity for a more experienced NOAA workforce through undergraduate internships

The National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center (NEMAC) has partnered with NOAA for over a decade on projects such as the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit and its featured Climate Explorer tool and provision of technical support for the sustained National Climate Assessment.

NEMAC provides expertise in development, design, cartography, data visualization, communications, strategy, and management.