Accessible Parking

There are approximately 70 accessible parking spaces located on campus. Any vehicle displaying a valid disability placard or license plate may park in marked handicapped spaces regardless of the permitted lot type. However, disability placards may not be used in lieu of a valid UNC Asheville permit in non-accessible spaces (except in circumstances where no accessible spaces are available).

Accessible spaces are available in the following parking lots:

  • P4 (Lower Ridges Parking Deck): 4 spaces near West Ridge, South Ridge, and Overlook Residence Halls
  • P7: 2 spaces near the rear entrance to the Millar Facility Complex
  • P9 (Lower Sherrill Parking Deck): 9 spaces for access to the Sherrill Center / Kimmel Arena
  • P10: 9 spaces near the Reuter Center
  • P13: 4 spaces near Owen Hall
  • P14: 7 spaces near Weizenblatt, Lipinsky Hall, and Ramsey Library
  • P15: 3 spaces along the roadway near Justice Gym / Alumni Way
  • P16: 2 spaces near Karpen Hall
  • P17: 2 spaces near Karpen Hall, Phillips Hall, and the Quad
  • P18: 4 spaces near the Highsmith Student Union, Phillips Hall, Brown Hall, and Mills Hall
  • P19: 3 spaces directly in front of the Highsmith Student Union, Phillips Hall, Brown Hall, and Mills Hall
  • P20: 4 spaces near Founders Hall, Highsmith Union (lower level)
  • P24: 7 spaces along the roadway near Rhoades Robinson and Zeis Hall
  • P27: 7 spaces near Belk Theater, Carmichael Hall, Owen Hall, and New Hall

During large campus events, extra spaces are often reserved for guests with mobility issues. Please inform any event officers or staff directing parking if you require special accommodations to be directed to the nearest reserved parking area.