Educational Programs

UNC Asheville has an obligation to provide primary prevention and awareness programs for the entire campus community and comply with Title IX, Clery Act, and Department of Education requirements. U of Nine, Haven, and AlcoholEdu helps us to fulfill these requirements and educate our campus community on important topics.

U of Nine

All UNC Asheville students are highly encouraged to complete U of Nine. U of Nine is an app-based solution to help colleges and universities educate students about sexual violence, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence and stalking. The content is delivered in a gaming format that can be accessed from any smartphone. Each quiz contains no more than eight questions and completion of each quiz takes only a few minutes. U of Nine covers topics ranging from bystander engagement, consent, sexual harassment, among others and introduces users to UNC Asheville’s policy and Title IX Office, all within an easy-to-use app.

Completing AlcoholEdu and Haven

UNC Asheville partners with EverFi to educate its student population on understanding the risks associated with alcohol consumption and understanding sexual assault. EverFi teaches and assesses students in critical skills needed for successfully navigating their college career.

Alcohol consumption on a college campus can be a significant issue for students. Decisions surrounding alcohol consumption may range from whether to drink or not, to experiencing the negative impacts of consumption or experiencing the impact of someone else’s consumption of alcohol. Therefore, UNC Asheville supports and encourages the prevention of underage alcohol use, high risk consumption, binge drinking, and alcohol abuse. The implementation of AlcoholEdu is a key component of our alcohol education and prevention initiatives.

Haven: Understanding Sexual Assault is an online module which introduces participants to the dynamics of sexual assault and how to prevent such occurrences through bystander intervention. Haven contains a survey that allows you to provide feedback on your attitudes and behaviors. All responses are strictly confidential. The university only receives collective information about the student body as a whole. Participation in the survey is completely optional and voluntary. We hope that you will complete the survey because your results allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of the course and gauge the climate of our campus to ensure safety for all.

UNC Asheville has an obligation to provide primary prevention and awareness programs for its incoming students, and comply with Title IX, Clery Act, and Department of Education requirements. AlcoholEdu and Haven helps us to fulfill these requirements. All incoming students are expected to complete AlcoholEdu and Haven prior to arriving on campus in August. Students will receive an invitation email to access and begin the module.

Student Prevention & Awareness Programs

You can schedule a session specifically for your student group when it’s convenient by contacting the Title IX Office, or feel free to attend one of these ongoing training and prevention options.

Sexual Assault Prevention & Education Committee

The Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Committee (SAPEC) is involved in the annual evaluation, review, and revision of all sexual misconduct policies. In addition, SAPEC will update procedures, training, education, and prevention mechanisms implemented on campus based on current guidance, law, regulation, and mandates.

The work and philosophy of SAPEC is aligned with the campus culture and our commitment to resolving issues of sexual misconduct through an educative lens, while protecting the safety and well-being of the community where appropriate.


SAPEC is chaired by the Assistant Title IX Coordinator, and members serve in two-year rotations.

Members include representatives from faculty, staff, Human Resources, Campus Police, Greek Life, Athletics, Residential Education, and Student Affairs. If you are interested in joining SAPEC, contact the Title IX Office.