The Woods

UNC Asheville’s first apartment-style housing for upperclass students is designed to foster community. The six buildings feature four-, five- and six-bed configurations, with laundry rooms on site and full kitchens in each apartment. The sixth building, located closest to University Heights and currently under construction, will have a multipurpose room/visitors center, a fitness room and an apartment for the community director. The names of the individual buildings are namesakes of North Carolina native trees: Aspen Hall, Beech Hall, Cedar Hall, Chestnut Hall, Magnolia Hall, and Willow Hall.

  • The Woods offer streaming IPTV, with a Roku stick supplied to each unit for optimal streaming experience. Students can access Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming TV with the Roku stick.
  • More project funding was dedicated toward wifi infrastructure, making the wifi coverage at The Woods one of the strongest on campus. In addition to multiple interior/exterior wifi access points, each unit offers two hard-wired internet ports in the apartment living room.
  • With each unit offering a full-size kitchen, with full-size appliances, no meal plans are required; however, students have the option to purchase a block meal plan, should they so desire. Because each kitchen is equipped with a full-size refrigerator, stove, and microwave, micro-fridges will not be in the units.

Room dimensions will vary slightly; however, below are approximate dimensions:

  • Single rooms: 11.5′ x 9′
  • Double rooms: 12′ x 14′

Virtual Reality Tours

See yourself in your new home! Take a virtual reality tour of a five-person unit or four-person unit.