Living Learning Communities

A Living Learning Community (LLC) is a group of people who traditionally live on the same residence hall and share a similar academic or personal interest. LLC’s at UNC Asheville offer students the opportunity to engage in an intentional community experience with like-minded individuals. Students involved in LLC’s will have the chance to live, study, and participate in programming that is specifically based on their joint interests. Additionally, all participants of an LLC will share in a curricular connection with their hall mates, which may include, but is not limited to, a joint class or workshop series.

Research shows that students who participate in LLC’s tend to have higher rates of student involvement outside of the classroom, increased academic achievement, increased academic and social support networks, and higher rates of retention.

All LLCs are currently at capacity, and we are no longer accepting applications for the 2018-19 academic year. Questions about LLCs? Email

Gen 1 LLC

The Gen 1 Living-Learning Community is designed for new first-generation college students (students whose parents have not received a four-year degree), and traditional first-year students who feel they may benefit from intentional college preparedness programming. Gen 1 aims to ease the transition into college by providing a structured living community and resources to promote a student’s success at UNC Asheville. The community fosters social interaction and peer connection through shared experiences. Support comes in the form of study sessions and tutoring in the residence hall as well as educational workshops facilitated by faculty and staff members, and prioritized placement for campus employment (if desired).

  • Serves: First Year & Upperclassman students
  • Location: Founders Hall, 3rd Floor
  • Joint Class: Sociology 100
  • Requirements: Must participate in monthly hall events

Academic Support:

  • Workshops facilitated by faculty and staff on a variety of topics (study abroad, internship opportunities, financial aid etc.).
  • Organized study sessions focused on common first year classes and located in the students residence hall.
  • Common exam review sessions located in the residence hall.
  • Dinner with faculty members.
  • Frequent monitoring of student academic performance.
  • Participation in service learning activities.

Social Support:

  • Social outings to assist students in exploring campus opportunities.
  • Additional evening and overnight quiet hours to maximize study time.
  • Live-in peer mentors to provide support after hours.

The Cloud – Computer Science & Atmospheric Science LLC

The Cloud LLC is open to Atmospheric Science and Computer Science majors, and offers first-year and upperclassman participants extra-curricular opportunities to develop collaborative and technical skills. Since all members of this LLC are studying in the Atmospheric or Computer Sciences, they share common requirements. This LLC will provide support for these common requirements, as well as additional extracurricular opportunities and programs related to the communities shared interests. Students participating in The Cloud LLC will live in Ponder Hall and will share in a number of Curricular Connections opportunities, including related workshops for all members.

  • Serves: First year & Upperclassman students
  • Location: Ponder Hall, 4th Floor
  • Joint Class: CSCI 178 – for first-year participants
  • Requirements:
    • Must be a declared or Intended to major in Atmospheric or Computer Science
    • Must participate in monthly hall events

The Engineering Living Learning Community LLC (ELLC)

UNC Asheville’s ELLC is a community that houses prospective and established engineering students at UNC Asheville. The ELLC offers engineering students the chance to practically engage in the curriculum with classmates and develop study groups and support networks. The community is located in Ponder Hall and offers Curricular Connections through campus skills labs, field trips, on hall tutoring, workshop and social programming with UNCA/NC State faculty, and hall building projects.

  • Serves: First year & Upperclassman students
  • Location: Ponder Hall, 4th Floor
  • Joint Class: CSCI 178 – for first-year participants
  • Requirements:
    • Must be a declared or Intended to major in Atmospheric or Computer Science
    • Must participate in monthly hall events

L.E.A.D. – Live, Engage, Act, Develop LLC

L.E.A.D., the Service, Leadership, and Social Justice LLC, is for students interested in exploring the local community through issues of social justice and community engagement. Participants will become more familiar with the wider Asheville community as well as more informed of on-campus leadership opportunities. All participants will develop leadership skills, be exposed to a diverse collection of engagement opportunities, and learn more about who they are and what they love!

Students will share in a joint class Curricular Connection (in the Fall semester) with community members: IST 178, “Community Engaged Learning and Social Justice.” Participants will also be exposed to a myriad of service learning and other leadership opportunities with their hall.

  • Serves: First year & Upperclassmen students
  • Location: West Ridge Hall, 3rd Floor
  • Requirements:
    • Must participate in monthly hall events

T.L.C. – Transfer Living Community

The Transfer Living Community was conceived to create a supportive, meaningful, and communal living community for new UNC Asheville transfer students. Students living in this LLC will be part of an inclusive community of similar students, thereby creating opportunities for deeper integration into UNC Asheville life, academically and socially. Speakers, events, and special programs are all possibilities for this endeavor.

  • Serves: First year UNCA transfer students
  • Location: Gardner Hall
  • Requirements:
    • Must participate in monthly hall events

Wanderlust LLC

International Student Services, Residential Education, Housing and Student Life Operations, and the History Department are partnering to create programs and activities that will help students engage more deeply at UNC Asheville and in surrounding communities. It intends to increase both cultural awareness and comfort, and to gain a deeper understanding of how United States history impacts us and our global society. Students who live in this global village are interested in living and interacting with people from different backgrounds and/or countries who have different experiences and viewpoints. The community’s focus is one of global awareness, understanding, and cross-cultural competence.

This Living Learning Community will support the development of multi-cultural competencies, allow the creation of study groups, and offer additional academic sessions and special programs inside and outside of the classroom. Students in this Living Learning Community will take a joint class, IST 272: “History of Western North Carolina.” It will help students understand how they and Western North Carolina fit into the larger global society. This class will offer co-curricular programs and trips.

  • Serves: All students interested in widening their cultural perspective by seeing how the history of the United States impacts us and our global society.
  • Location: Governors Hall, 2nd Floor
  • Requirements:
    • Must participate in monthly hall events

UNC Athens to Rome LLC

This community is for any student who loves Greek or Roman culture, mythology, history, art or archaeology. Consider this LLC if you loved “Troy” or “Percy Jackson”, if you want to learn more about the Latin of Harry Potter, study ancient languages or archaeology. Plan to study abroad in Italy or Greece? You can live with people who share your passion.  Activities may include dinners Greco-Roman style, movies, discussion of archaeology and of modern Greek and Italian culture. Participants may also benefit from study groups for Latin and Greek languages and other culture and art classes. Residents will take Greek 1 (CLAS 103) together.


  • Serves: First Year & Upperclassmen students
  • Location: Founders Hall, 2nd Floor
  • Joint Class Associated with LLC: Greek 1(CLAS 103)
  • Requirements:
    • Must participate in monthly hall events


Do you want to not just survive college, but to thrive in college? Do you want to be linked into a supportive network? Then this LLC is for you! Students in this community will be taught and help each other connect with ways to be healthy and understand balanced dimensions of wellness. Living in this community will provide access to special “101” courses offered through Campus Recreation, Health and Counseling, and the Health and Wellness Department like “Cooking 101,” “Exercise 101,” “Outdoor Recreation 101,” “Stress Management 101,” etc. Gain the tools you need to implement mindful living that is centered around physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being.

Students joining this LLC will focus on incorporating a holistic approach to their wellness. Make the healthy choice the easy choice!

  • Serves: First year & Upperclassmen students
  • Location: South Ridge Hall 3rd Floor
  • Joint Class Associated with LLC: HWP225 Nutrition and Lifestyle
  • Requirements:
    • Must participate in monthly hall events


SANKOFA is an Akan term that means “to return, to go back and get it, to seek.” It is the idea that in our past we find the power and strength to create a brighter future, and how we need our past to give us context on how to move forward. UNC Asheville’s SANKOFA living learning community is an interdisciplinary and co-curricular program for first-year students of color and students looking to engage, explore, and foster diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through enrollment in AFST 178: Thinking From the Margins, students will develop global and cultural perspectives, and examine structural inequalities and social engagement as they relate to the student experience.

  • Serves: First-year students of color and students looking to engage, explore, and foster diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Location: Mills Hall, 3rd Floor B Side
  • Joint Class Associated with LLC: AFST178, Thinking From the Margins
  • Requirements: Class enrollment, active participation in programming sponsored by Residential Education, Interdisciplinary and Africana Studies Department, and Office of Multicultural Affairs, etc.

Students will foster a deeper understanding of respect for difference, community building, and leadership development through participation in the following programs:

SANKOFA is not a living learning community for those looking:

  •     For an ego or ethnocentric perspective
  •     To use this as a space for cultural tourism
  •     To be “allies”
  •     To observe and not act

Living and learning in SANKOFA is intended to be a place where students welcome the invitation to learn, embrace, and be open to a new way of seeing the world. It is a place where students can connect with others comfortably and become the best version of themselves, building on historical experiences and perspectives relevant to their true identities.