Sport Clubs

Sport clubs are recognized student organizations, formed by students, providing opportunities to be on a team and participate in a variety of sports and activities. Although it varies from club to club, most clubs practice 2-3 times per week, with competition against other collegiate teams on the weekends. Club sports are less competitive than NCAA teams and more competitive than intramural teams. UNC Asheville has the following sport clubs:

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Co-ed)
  • Cross Country and Track (Co-ed)
  • Equestrian (Co-ed)
  • Fencing (Co-ed)
  • Soccer (Men’s)
  • Tennis (Co-ed)
  • Ultimate (Men’s)
  • Ultimate (Women’s)

Starting a New Sport Club

UNC Asheville Campus Recreation is committed to providing students the opportunity to form new sport and activity clubs. If you are interested in starting a new Sport Club, please refer to the following application guidelines. If you have questions please contact the Associate Director of Campus Recreation, Leah Belt at

Application Process

A minimum number of participants must already be participating in the proposed activity. The following formula must be used:

  • Team Sports (volleyball, rugby, etc.)
    • Minimum number = 1.5 times the number needed on the field/court (ex. Volleyball; 6 x 1.5 = 9 participants)
  • Individual Sports (karate, tennis, etc.)
    • Minimum number = 5 participants

Other Requirements

  • A letter to the Director of Campus Recreation detailing the name of your club, main purpose and objective of your club, facilities required, equipment needed/used, and any other relevant information as is pertains to the overall operation of you club
  • A complete membership roster including club officers
  • A club constitution (see example)
  • Meet with the Director of Campus Recreation to review the proposal and determine whether the activity can be accommodated with the facilities and is safe and appropriate for UNC Asheville.
  • Once the Director approves of proposal, it will be presented to the Sport Club Council for the final decision.

Sport Club Council

The Sport Club Council (SCC) aids and advises club representatives in administering the Sport Club Program. The council exists to promote participation in the program and its primary objective is to provide a platform for the exchange of information regarding the Sport Club guidelines and procedures.

The Sport Club Council consists of one representative from each Sport Club. Each club’s representative will attend monthly SCC meetings and report back to the club. The council will meet monthly and members are encouraged to bring new ideas and agenda items to continue the growth of the Sport Club program.

Additional duties include:

  • Provide direction for the implementation of new program policies and procedures
  • Act as a liaison between the members of the Sport Club program and University Administration
  • Conduct disciplinary hearings as needed
  • Review membership applications for new Sport Club teams/activities
  • Provide leadership, direction, and guidance for Sport Club membership
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by the Director of Campus Recreation

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