The UNC Asheville Faculty Staff Campaign

UNC Asheville students dream BIG. They come to this campus ready to invent, to innovate, and to change the world. As UNC Asheville faculty and staff, we play a critical role supporting them in their journey both inside and outside the classroom.

Every year, faculty and staff members demonstrate their commitment to students with a gift to scholarships. Thanks to the generosity of the campus community, more than 70 percent of our students receive some form of financial aid. Help keep that success going by making a gift to scholarships during the Faculty Staff Campaign.

Scholarships are essential. They empower us to recruit and retain the most talented, dedicated students—students who are ready to make a difference in the world.

One of the easiest ways to support scholarships is through payroll deduction. By donating a set amount each month, you are playing a large role in the success of our students. Every gift adds up, creating new opportunities and making a profound impact on our campus. Download the Payroll Deduction Form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What donation methods are available?

Employees can support the campaign through payroll deduction, by check, or online with a debit/credit card/bank draft. Please make out checks to the UNC Asheville Foundation send to Advancement Services, CPO #3800.

When will my payroll deduction begin?

Payroll deduction forms must be submitted no later than the fifth working day of the month to be processed in the same month. Deduction forms submitted after the fifth working day will be processed the following month.

For example, a payroll deduction form submitted on March 1 would be reflected in your March pay. A payroll deduction form submitted on or after March 8 would be reflected in your April pay.

Can I select a different time for my deduction to begin?

Yes. If you would like your deduction to begin at a later date, you can select a different pay period on the form.

How can I find out if I already have a payroll deduction in place?

Payroll deductions are listed on your pay stub under “Charitable Giving.” If you have specific questions about these donations, call Advancement Services at ext. 3923.

Can I give to something other than scholarships?

Absolutely! Although scholarships remain a top fundraising priority at UNC Asheville, feel free to support the area of campus that matters most to you.