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Post position with us in Bulldog NetWORK our job and internship posting system. Questions? Check out our Employer Quick Start Guide.

On-Campus Recruiting Events

Join us for our fairs: Part-time Job Fair, Career & Internship Fair, and the Graduate School Fair. Learn more in Bulldog NetWORK.

Meet students in high traffic areas on campus at informal table sessions each month during our monthly spotlights.

Pitch your internship opportunities to interested students each semester at a unique internship event that removes the awkwardness of formal career fairs.

Got a great idea? Let’s talk and see how we can bring it to UNC Asheville.


Wondering if you should offer a paid or unpaid internship? For-profit sites should consider this information from the Department of Labor when thinking about whether to host an unpaid intern. Nonprofit sites have some other things to consider, so start here. Review the legal considerations for bringing interns to your workplace.

Best Practices for Recruiting and Hiring Our Students

What is the best way to stand out to the students and alumni at UNC Asheville?

  • Make sure your postings are clear, with details about the position. Vague descriptions show the candidate that the site may not have thought much about the position.
  • Pay your interns. We understand that budgets may not allow for much, but if a student is compensated for their work, you’ll see better outcomes, and you’ll get a stronger candidate pool.
  • Post your pay rate. Students and alums are often juggling multiple priorities, so knowing what they can make with your organization will help you find more interested candidates. Not sure what to pay? Start here.
  • Highlight your organization’s values on your website. If a student/alum can picture themselves working for you, it will help you find candidates more interested in your organization rather than just collecting a paycheck.
  • Already hired a UNC Asheville alum or student? Great! Ask them about your job descriptions, and see if they know anyone else like them that could be a fit.

Employer Approval Criteria

Employers may be considered for approval at UNC Asheville if the following criteria are met. Final decision is at the discretion of the Career Center and the Employer Relations staff.

  • Employers must have the following information available in their profiles:
    1. Accurate and working website
    2. Phone number of the organization
    3. Physical Address of the organization
    4. Clear description of the organization and what they produce or service they provide
  • Employers must fit the educational mission of a Public Liberal Arts institution, and comply with ethical recruiter practices. Ideally positions posted will require an undergraduate degree, but that is not required.  Opportunities that are not allowed include but are not limited to:
    1. Multi-level marketing companies
    2. Organizations/opportunities located outside of the United States
    3. Employers that offer work-from-home opportunities
    4. Employers that offer positions that are door-to-door sales oriented
    5. Employers that require payment from the applicant for any reason. This includes positions that require fundraising from the employee in order to participate.
    6. Employer materials that have poor grammar, or unclear requirements will be given additional scrutiny.

Visiting Campus

Visit for the campus map. Campus visitors need to register their vehicle with our Transportation Office and park in designated visitor parking. For most events, guest lots P9 and P17 will be the most centrally located.

Learn more about Asheville, and ask the Career Center about hotel discounts!