UNC Asheville’s Pre-College Programs Announced for Summer 2022; Registration Opens Jan. 28

January 27, 2022

UNC Asheville’s Pre-College Programs will enroll rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors for weeklong immersion programs in summer 2022, combining academic excellence with outdoor adventures in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Registration for new participants opens Friday, Jan. 28, with limited seats available. To register, visit camps.unca.edu/pre-college

Pre-College Programs at UNC Asheville introduce high school students to college-level study, university life, and career options in a dynamic learning environment. Each one-week program offers deep immersion into an academic topic, challenging activities, and the opportunity to engage with expert faculty and industry professionals. 

Each program runs from Sunday to Friday, with summer 2022 topics spanning the arts and sciences. All students live on campus to fully experience university life and the surrounding community, and the program cost, which starts at $1,200, includes lodging, meals, course materials, activities and excursions. Programs follow COVID protocols and University community expectations and offer a flexible cancellation policy. 

Dates for the Summer 2022 Pre-College Programs are June 12-17, June 19-24 and June 26-July 1, 2022, with several programs offered multiple weeks. Topics include:

  • Pre-Med – Learn about heart anatomy and function through hands-on dissection of a pig heart. Work with a group on a simulated patient case, participating in didactics and labs, analyzing pharmacological concerns, debating treatment options and navigating the patient-doctor relationship.
  • River Ecology & Adventure – Explore and discover our natural, aquatic world. Engaging field-based learning will pair with outdoor skills and trips. Learn about Southern Appalachian stream ecology while canoeing sections of pristine rivers, hiking to wilderness swimming holes and investigating local aquatic species, and be challenged to think critically about human impact on the environment while rafting exciting whitewater.
  • Great Smokies Young Writers Workshop – Hone your literary skills through workshops with experienced local authors and poets. Generate new pieces, revise works in progress and critique works of others in a collaborative workshop setting. Learn about our region’s vibrant history and culture through field trips to local landmarks.
  • Film Scoring & Sound Design – Learn how to compose an original score for a film scene. Learn how to develop a score concept, where to create harmonic, rhythmic, and melodic themes and motifs. Study the dynamics of a scene using sound design.
  • Climate, Robotics, Rocketry & Aerospace Engineering – Learn about robotics, rocketry, aerospace and satellite engineering, and climate science. Participate in numerous hands-on robotics and engineering tasks such as building a robotic rover, building a model rocket and launching a weather station attached to a rocket.  Build a remote sensing weather station, launch them on weather balloons and conduct data analytics. Learn from astronauts and STEM professionals about all the opportunities STEM fields have to offer.
  • Journalism, Public Relations & Social Media in the Digital Age – Answer questions such as “How has social media changed journalism forever? What is truth? How does the public digest ‘news’ and how are public opinions formed in this new digital age?” as you learn from field visits and case studies led by industry professionals at local media outlets and PR departments.
  • Climate Science – Experience firsthand the real-world complexity of international climate talks by role-playing as a lead negotiator in a world climate summit.  Use state-of-the-art Climate Science Models to understand how our energy and economic choices affect greenhouse gas emissions and develop real-world climate solutions. Be exposed to the most up-to-date climate science, learn what we must do to prevent further damage and discover how our communities can adapt to live in this new world.

For more information or to register for Summer 2022 Pre-College Programs, visit camps.unca.edu/pre-college