UNC Asheville Announces Pre-College Programs for Summer 2020

faculty and students engaged in lab and field research
February 3, 2020

Registration is now open for UNC Asheville’s new Summer Pre-College Programs. These week-long summer immersion programs introduce high school students to college-level study, university life, and career options in a dynamic learning environment. Each one-week session is limited enrollment, guaranteeing that students will work side-by-side with faculty experts and industry professionals, focused on academic areas that connect locally and globally.

Topics for the 2020 Summer Pre-College Programs include:

  • Aerospace Engineering, Weather & Climate – build and test nano-satellites and Jiggy Bots to collect and analyze live weather data. Venture to Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI) and meet NASA and NOAA astronauts and scientists.
  • Pre-Med – explore the foundational sciences related to careers in medicine and human health. Includes both classroom and clinical experiences, as well as tours of local health care facilities and labs.
  • Film Scoring and Sound Design – learn how to compose an original score for a film scene. Learn how to develop a score concept, where to create harmonic, rhythmic, and melodic themes and motifs. Study the dynamics of a scene using sound design.
  • Geology & Ecology of WNC Streams – study regional stream environments, rock identification, fishes and macroinvertebrates, and weathering and erosion. Lab and field experiences will include snorkeling and using ecology gear.
  • Journalism, Public Relations & Social Media in the Digital Age – examine how journalism has changed in the digital age and impacted how we receive and interpret news. Includes immersive visits with local media outlets.
  • Chaos & Fractals in Mathematics – learn the mind-bending concept of fractals. Through lab explorations and experiments, learn how to construct fractals, fractal dimension, the game of life, celestial mechanics, and more.
  • Human Rights & International Law – explore the foundations of human rights worldwide. Take part in a mock U.S. Supreme Court session, United Nations, and International Criminal Court proceeding.
  • Visual Storytelling – learn the elements of filmmaking, lighting, audio, film direction, and filmmaking theory and aesthetics. Learn how to operate a professional video camera for studio and documentary filmmaking.
  • Crafting Our Digital Identities – explore how we filter our lives through the lenses of the internet, social media, mobile devices, games, and apps. Hands-on experiences with digital tools and website building will provide insight into how the internet works and how we can shape our own digital identities.
  • Expressive Voice – learn how to expand vocal expressive range for speaking, singing, or character voices using the Estill Voice Training System. Explore vocal tract structures and learn how to manipulate them.
  • Health & Well-Being: A Path to Success – assess personal health status and learn strategies to maintain well-being. Through group activities and experiential learning, find out how awareness of and changes to fitness habits, nutrition, relationships, stress, and other wellness factors can impact college success.
  • Entrepreneurship: Ideas to Action – learn to transform an entrepreneurship idea into a dynamic proposal. Delve into problem analysis, ideation, and communicating ideas. Pitch your idea in a final competition.

Programs run from Sunday to Friday, starting June 14 and June 21, 2020, and each day is filled with both classroom and recreational activities. All programs include hands-on activities and projects, and many feature off-campus excursions. Students live on campus to fully experience university life.

Pre-College Programs are open to rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors. Lodging, meals and all-academic materials are included in the program cost, which starts at $1,200 for each week. Registration available at camps.unca.edu/pre-college-programs. For more information about summer pre-college programs and camps at UNC Asheville, contact the Office of Conferences & Camps at camps@unca.edu or 828.251.6991.