Statement on the attack on the U.S. Capitol Building

January 12, 2021

Jan. 8, 2021

Our nation’s divisiveness has been a difficult, enduring, and growing challenge, not just over the last few months, but as reflected in our history. For many in our campus community and many across the country, this deep divide was tragically apparent during Wednesday’s violent attack on the U.S. Capitol Building. We also recognize the grim truth that the handling of this violent insurrection and those perpetrating it further exposes the persistent racism and social inequities in our nation.

We ask you to join us in condemning this attack on our democracy and on the peaceful transfer of power for our government. Also, we ask you to join us in recommitting to the critical components of UNC Asheville’s mission: dedication to the education and development of global citizens who are capable of respectfully engaging across differences of political thought, lived experiences, perspectives, and identity. We encourage all of us to lean into the opportunities at UNC Asheville, to learn from the perspectives of all, and to sustain our democratic and university values of curiosity, intellectual understanding, open dialogue, and humane instincts.

Sustained progress will require us to challenge each other, to listen thoughtfully, and to do both the intellectual and emotional work of engaging in meaningful conversations across our campus regarding the ideas we feel passionate about, either because of how deeply they resonate with us or because of how vehemently we disagree with those ideas. Our ability to engage in civil discourse with openness and respect for each other will determine how well and effectively we all succeed in our educational mission.

We are disgusted and saddened by the violence and insurrection that was so visible at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. We invite all of us to move forward with connections and conversations that uphold our democratic values and allow for us in the UNC Asheville University community to do the work that sustains civil discourse and mutual respect for all persons as an essential and vital part of UNC Asheville’s academic and co-curricular mission.

Chancellor Nancy J. Cable
Provost Garikai Campbell