Statement on recent shooting in Atlanta

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March 18, 2021

UNC Asheville Faculty and Staff Colleagues and Students,

In recent months we have seen in the news escalated incidence of violence toward Asian Americans. In some of the reports, the role that race has played in such acts of violence has been clear. Too often unspoken, is the role that gender and the intersection of gender and race plays in such actions. There is an ugly truth that these moments reveal that violence often differentially impacts people of color and in many cases, women of color. It is yet another tragic reminder that violence can be based on racism and bias.

As officials are determining if the victims of the recent shootings in Atlanta were targets because they were Asian, we know that this incident is occurring in a year of increased violence and abuse directed toward Asians in our nation. Even if the victims were not targets because of their Asian heritage, we know that this occurs in the context of a year of anti-Asian hate amplified by falsehoods and rhetoric that misplaces responsibility for our current global health crisis. Unfortunately, it does seem likely that gender cannot be ignored as a factor in this Atlanta violence.

We want to take this moment to acknowledge the reality and impact of this broader context, and to call for support and solidarity for our Asian students and faculty and staff within the UNCA community.

Speaking on behalf of all at UNC Asheville, we condemn acts of violence, and equally and importantly the racism, bias, bigotry, misogyny and xenophobia that may have prompted these acts.

If any students are in need of support, please contact Health and Counseling Services at 828.251.6520. Faculty and Staff may contact the Employee Assistance Program, with confidential short-term counseling by calling 833-515-0768.

Please join us in supporting all members of our community as we continue to come together as a more unified nation of humane values and mutual respect.



Chancellor Cable and Provost Campbell