Payroll & Timekeeping

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Students cannot begin working on-campus until all of their required paperwork has been submitted and processed with HR and Payroll. Payroll is unable to input the student’s information into Banner, allowing access to their timesheet, until all required paperwork is submitted and processed. Completion and approval of employment paperwork before a student begins on-campus work is a requirement of law and University policy. Beginning to work without approved employment status may result in no longer being able to hold an on-campus student employee position. Permitting a student to work without approved employment status may result in no longer being able to supervise student employees.

2023 Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar

All student employees are paid on a bi-weekly cycle.

  • The Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar shows the start and end dates of each bi-weekly work period and the corresponding pay date. The Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar also shows the cut-off deadline for submission of hourly employees Web Time Entry (WTE) time sheets and the cut-off deadline for supervisor approvals.
  • Student employees are required to track, enter and submit accurate hours worked through the Web Time Entry (WTE) bi-weekly online timesheet on OnePort by the conclusion of each pay period. 
    • The time sheet submission deadline for student employees is midnight on the last day of the bi-weekly pay period (every other Sunday at 11:59PM).
  • Supervisors verify and approve online student employee timesheet(s) for completeness and accuracy at the conclusion of each pay period and within the payroll deadline through OnePort.
    • The approval deadline for supervisors is 5 PM on the Tuesday after the bi-weekly pay period has closed.

Directions for Completing a Timesheet through Web Time Entry (WTE)

    • Log into OnePort.
    • Click on ‘Employment’ in the menu on the left.
    • Choose ‘Timesheet (Temp/Student Employee).’
    • Make sure your role is chosen and click the ‘Time Sheet’ button. (If you have more than one on-campus job, you’ll need to select the specific role that you’re inputting hours for.)
    • Input all hours worked.
    • Double check your hours are correct and click the ‘Submit for Approval’ button.

Recommendation: Set up a reminder in Google Calendar to automatically receive a prompt to complete your timesheet at the end of each bi-weekly pay period. All student employees and supervisors will also receive reminder emails from Payroll.

Note: Online time sheet entry due dates and cut-offs may be adjusted for holidays (please consult the Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar).

Video: How to Submit Your Timesheet

Late Timesheets

If a student employee fails to submit their completed timesheet by the conclusion of the pay period (every other Sunday at 11:59PM), they are required to complete a Late Timesheet within the following bi-weekly work period.  

  • Late Timesheet Form
    • This form is an Excel file and must be downloaded/completed on a PC computer. 
    • For Mac users, opening the document on a Mac changes the encryption required on the form and therefore will not be accepted by Payroll. 
    • If you can’t access MS Excel, please visit the Career Center in Ramsey Library and we will be able to assist you. 
    • Note 1: Only record hours not approved in OnePort.
    • Note 2: Submit one late timesheet per pay period.

Additional Information: Each time a student employee fails to submit their timesheet on-time and accurately by the conclusion of each pay period they will receive a written warning from Payroll via email with their supervisor copied. After the third infraction, inclusive of all active jobs within a semester, the student will be removed from Banner and not allowed to hold an on-campus position for the remainder of the semester. Falsifying timesheets, which includes adding hours to a timesheet that were not worked on that date, is a violation of federal and state law.