Hiring Process

Hiring Process in the New Student Employment Portal

  1. Supervisor creates a job posting. (Check out this step-by-step resource on posting a job!)
  2. Students review open job postings and apply.
  3. Supervisor interviews students and makes job offer(s).
  4. Supervisor submits a Hire Request once a student accepts the offer. (Resource and directions coming ASAP!)
    1. The Hire Request is similar to the Student Employment Agreement in the old hiring process.
  5. Fund Manager reviews and edits/returns/approves the Hire Request.
    1. If the supervisor is the fund manager, this step will be bypassed.
  6. Student completes all required hiring documents within the Student Employment Portal.
    1. IMPORTANT! Students cannot begin working until all of their required hiring documents have been completed. This is a requirement of law and University policy.
    2. If a student has already completed the required hiring documents, the form statuses will update accordingly.
    3. When a Hire Request is submitted, a student’s dashboard will populate the required hiring documents and their statuses.
    4. Students must complete the required hiring documents – including in-person steps – through the links provided on their dashboard.
    5. Once the in-person steps are complete, the form statuses will update accordingly.
  7. Student accepts job.
    1. When all required hiring documents show as completed on a student’s dashboard, an “Accept/Decline” button will populate.
    2. Once this button is available, a student must click on it and accept the job.
    3. When a student is able to accept a job, they are cleared to start working.