Hiring Process

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Students cannot begin working on-campus until all of their required paperwork has been submitted and processed with HR and Payroll. Completion and approval of employment paperwork before a student begins on-campus work is a requirement of law and University policy. Beginning to work without approved employment status may result in no longer being able to hold an on-campus student employee position. Permitting a student to work without approved employment status may result in no longer being able to supervise student employees.

Hiring Process for Student Employees

  • Step 1: Open student employment positions are posted on Handshake. Students apply and submit any required documentation, such as a resume, through Handshake. 
  • Step 2: Typically, students interview for a position with the hiring supervisor. Once the supervisor completes all interviews, they’ll make an offer to the successful student. 
  • Step 3: The supervisor will submit a Student Employment Agreement, which will be emailed to the student’s @unca.edu email to complete.
  • Step 4: Student employees must complete all required documentation with Human Resources. Students cannot begin working until all paperwork is completed and submitted.

Once the SEA and all required documents are submitted, Payroll will enter the student employee information into Banner, which allows access to timesheets through the ‘Employment’ tab in OnePort. It may take several days for this processing to happen, so if a student doesn’t see the ‘Employment’ tab in OnePort please give it a couple of days before contacting Human Resources.

Please email Cate Marshall at cmarsha3@unca.edu or career@unca.edu with any questions!