FY24 Academic Affairs Budget Guidelines

The following guidance was shared in the “FY24 Expense Control Measures” email sent on February 2, 2024 to faculty and staff listservs by John Liposchack, Vice Chancellor for Budget & Finance and relates directly to Student Employment. 

  1. Discretionary payroll increases – No discretionary increases to permanent salaries will be allowed for the remainder of this fiscal year without approval by the newly-formed Position Review Committee.
  2. Vacant positions – There will be no hiring for vacant positions without approval by the newly-formed Position Review Committee.

Questions related to this guidance should be directed to your division business director, your vice chancellor, or the University Budget Office.

The following guidance was shared in the “Academic Affairs Update for FY24” email sent on February 9, 2024 to the faculty listserv by Provost Holt: 

  1. At present this guidance applies to all funds (9, 3, and 2), although funds used from grants to uphold the mission of the grant may be considered.
  2. This restriction imposes significant challenges for us all. In order to help balance our budget for FY24, it will be necessary for all requests for expenses (including pre-approvals), regardless of the fund type, for the remainder of the fiscal year 2024 to be submitted with justification by March 1, 2024 to the Office of the Deans. Justifications should utilize the email from our CFO as guidelines. Your Chair or Program Director will determine which items should advance for approval at the Dean level. Deans will evaluate all requests to determine whether they are to be approved for funding. Submit your FY24 request for expenses HERE
  3. Additional implications for our budget shortfall include the potential pause of SHIFT projects. SHIFT fund managers should provide justifications for any necessary expenses for the remainder of the current fiscal year, including the estimate for this year’s student employment to the Office of the Deans. Any students actively employed on a SHIFT project may continue their current work for now. Newly awarded SHIFT projects scheduled to begin in AY2024-2025 will be suspended until further notice. Submit your FY24 SHIFT spending request HERE